Project Spotlight: Engineering Lab

A company near Washington D.C. needed a video wall for a collaborative engineering workspace, and when we get the chance to travel for a project, we always try to make it work. Our technicians get to squeeze in a little sightseeing while out of town, and it’s always nice to expand our footprint throughout the region.

What we provided was an 8-panel video wall that consisted of 55″ .88mm ultra-narrow bezel screens. We then connected the screens to a 10×8 video wall processor for displaying content. We also installed 8 HD video players to play customer-supplied video content. The customer can choose on-demand content, or simply have content looped.

video wall

To compliment this main focal point of the room, we placed 4 new speakers in the ceiling to provide audio to the room, as well as an audio processor and amplifier to power the new speakers. We added a 7″ touchscreen to the wall with a user-friendly interface to control the content of the video wall. We also put a magnetic charging dock and case on the wall for an iPad controller.

video wall with touchscreen

For presentations, we provided a Barco wireless presentation device with a wireless video dongle. We installed an HDMI input for connecting laptops or other devices to the video wall.

We added several pieces of equipment to the room that were unrelated to the video wall itself, but that enhanced the overall performance of the room. We placed an occupancy sensor on the ceiling to detect when users enter and exit the room, and then turn power on and off accordingly. We also put in an IP-controlled power conditioner to remotely reboot equipment located in the equipment rack.

exterior of engineering lab

Finally, the customer wanted a piece of furniture to house the equipment, have additional storage space to keep the room neat, and conceal a mini-fridge. On site, we assembled a commercial-grade, custom cabinet that had enough room for the 2 equipment racks, a fridge, and empty space, as requested.

Equipment cabinet

The end result was a project that delivered to the customer a sleek, functional space for collaboration free from distraction.

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