Project Showcase: Lehman Center for Heart and Lung Rehabilitation

A rehabilitation and fitness center that is affiliated with a local hospital needed a lot of Audio/Video work completed to provide music and TV for the workout spaces. Due to the size of the center, and how it is divided into separate, smaller spaces, the scope of the project wasn’t just one large room, but rather many smaller spaces within the facility.

The first area you encounter is the lobby/lounge area. There we mounted two 55″ Sony TVs and connected them to the TV feed as well as a Blu-Ray player. We mounted a touch panel to the wall to control the audio and video to this area.

TV in lounge area
One of the 55″ TVs in the lounge area

The second space is dedicated to training and a walking track. Here we ceiling-mounted 6 55″ Sony TVs and mounted another touch panel to the wall in a central location. This is the largest single space in the facility, which is why we needed so many TVs for proper coverage in all areas.

TVs in main workout and weight room
Walking Track

There are also 2 multi-purpose rooms. In each room, we installed a TV, and connected them to the video feeds as we did in the other areas. The audio feeds were connected to an audio matrix switch that also provides networked radio and music sources. A wireless microphone was installed in each room and connected to a microphone mixer that allows it to be used along with the audio source playing. The matrix switch was connected to the overhead speakers. These rooms have both a wall-mounted touch panel, as well as hand-held remote controls.

TV mounted against mirrored wall
Multipurpose Room 1
TV in treadmill room
Multipurpose Room 2

The next area is the employee fitness room, where we installed 8 55″ TVs and again connected an audio matrix switch to the overhead speakers. Another wall-mounted touch panel was installed to control the A/V.

One of the wall-mounted touch screen panels used to control the A/V equipment

A Control4 automation system was utilized to control all of the TVs and audio/video sources. The previously mentioned touch panels are Control4. A router and network switch were installed for the Control4 network connections. A 38-channel audio matrix switch with DSP control was installed and connected to the audio source equipment and overhead speaker system.

As for the speaker system itself, we installed speakers in 5 different zones. We utilized mostly pendant speakers, with a few in-ceiling speakers where those were better suited to the room. Each zone has its own volume control. For the entire sound system, we installed two Episode commercial amplifier-mixers.

With a project like this one that involves so much wall-mounting and ceiling-mounting, it’s easy to see how important it is for us to come in during the construction phase of a project, rather than having to interfere with sheetrock after the fact.

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