Project Showcase: Bowman Hills Seventh Day Adventist Church

We have done installations in many houses of worship over the years, and one factor that often comes into play is the desire to maintain the beauty of the space we’re working in. In this case, our customer wanted a very large display screen, but the only logical place for it to reside would be in front of a set of beautiful windows, obscuring the stained glass that bathes the sanctuary in beautiful light. The solution was to install the massive 98″ screen on a heavy-duty lift mount so it can be raised and lowered as needed, and not permanently in the way.

Church TV centered

To achieve this and hide the screen completely when it wasn’t in use, we made sure to align the top of the lift level with the top of the wood-paneled half wall you see in the photos. When the mount is lifted, the TV sits 50″ above the top of the half wall. A wooden base was constructed and attached to the wall to support both the lift and the TV.

We added power conditioning to the setup to provide a layer of protection against any potential electrical damage. To control the lift, we installed a two-button controller in the sound booth. Because the TV is partially obscured unless fully lifted, there are only two control options: completely lowered or completely lifted. As far as controlling the TV itself, we used an IR repeater kit because the sound booth is far from the actual TV, so this allowed the factory remote to be used over the extended distance.

Church TV raised side view

The end result was a sanctuary that maintained its beauty, while at the same time allowed for the introduction of a few needed technical upgrades.

church triptych

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