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Corporate Conference Room


Recently a customer approached us with a desire to upgrade the existing boardroom for his business. He already had a new projector and motorized screen, so the goal was to design around those components.

The customer’s decision to opt for a projection system as opposed to a TV or video wall stemmed from the fact that the whiteboard plays a large role in many of the company’s meetings, so the presentation system needed to be flexible, and essentially be able to get out of the way when the whiteboard was needed. Obviously a fixed, mounted screen wouldn’t be able to do that. Aside from these initial parameters, the customer wanted his conference room to be easier to use and for it to have up-to-date technology. With that in mind, here’s what we provided:

-The ability to control a meeting from a WiFi tablet

-Keypads with easy shortcuts to commonly used functions

-Integrated Lighting

-In-Ceiling Speakers

Key Features

We provided two Control4 interfaces in the room. Our client wanted the ability to control meetings from a tablet to allow for portability around the conference table. The benefit of a tablet is that it can perform other functions, not just solely run presentations. We also installed keypads on the wall near the entrance to the room. We programmed the keypads with shortcuts to the functions that are used during most meetings and presentations. Any user can easily control the room with the touch of a button. The shortcuts were custom engraved, but should the customer ever decide to change the functionality of the keypad, we can always reprogram and the faceplates can be swapped easily.

Custom engraved keypads and USB ports

Another feature located at the room’s entrance are the in-wall USB ports that are used in conjunction with a dedicated PC, so that users can insert thumb drives that contain their presentations and easily deliver content to the room. These USB ports also allow someone to connect a wireless mouse and keyboard dongle and use those items freely at the conference table, even though the PC is in a rack in another room.

The great thing about the equipment rack being housed in a separate location is that the rack stores components for other conference rooms as well. If someone needs access to any equipment, a meeting in progress never needs to be interrupted.

We also installed integrated lights with occupancy detection that control the lighting when users enter and exit the room. It’s a simple feature that really adds value and impresses those who enter for the first time. The last addition was the installation of in-ceiling speakers to provide ample audio throughout the room while blending seamlessly with the surroundings.

In-Ceiling Speakers blend in nicely


An upgrade to an existing space doesn’t always have to be a complete overhaul in order to make a big difference to the performance of the room. At the end of the project, our client gained newer technology that was user friendly. He walked away with a newly imagined space that is now more dynamic, more efficient, and more capable of meeting all his company’s needs.

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