Project Showcase: Honey Seed Restaurant

A local restauranteur who we have worked with on several other eateries was opening a new restaurant space and needed an audio system to provide audio for two indoor dining areas, a bar area, and an outdoor patio. The space also needed wiring to support the POS system that handles all transactions, and finally, it needed a reliable network.

Honey Seed Exterior
Exterior of Honey Seed Hand-Rolled Bagels and Woodfired Pizza

For audio, we utilized Sonos products. We installed two Sonos Port Wi-Fi Network Streamers. The two streamers can be grouped to play the same content but still maintain independent volume control in the different audio zones. We hung 6 pendant-style speakers in the main dining/bar area, as well as 3 in the smaller dining area near the patio. Outside we placed 3 on-wall 8″ speakers on the wall/soffit corner. A 2-Channel amplifier was installed to power both the indoor and outdoor zones.

Pendant Speakers
The white pendant speakers look consistent with the track lighting

To properly wire for the POS system, we ran Cat6 wire in eight locations. The wire was extended through conduit to provide network connections at the required locations.

For network, a full gigabit router and 8-Port switch were installed in the equipment rack to provide hardwired connections for the audio system components and wireless access points. We used two WAPs-one near the kitchen, and one near the dining area. We also pre-wired for a third WAP location, should one need to be added in the future.

Finally, due to the nature of the space, with open ceilings and exposed brick, acoustic treatments were needed to dampen sound and soften echo. To achieve this, we placed color-matched acoustic panels on the walls in between the windows and garage doors.

Acoustic Treatments
The acoustic panels dampen the echo and blend with the interior

The resulting space has both an industrial feel, which lends itself to the work we did there, as well as a warmth from the use of wood and warm copper tones of the decor.

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