This project is very similar to one that we had previously done for this company, which involved upgrading the size and quality of a screen in a boardroom. By installing a video wall, we created a screen that has 4K resolution, with a 110" viewable image size. We achieved this through the use of 4 55" ultra-thin bezel monitors and programmed them for content to be stretched across all four screens.

We then added a 4K-cable HDMI switcher to the equipment cabinet to provide audio and video switching from the new table HDMI input or the new WePresent. This switcher was connected to the new amplifier and new speakers to amplify audio and control volume for the room.

The difference in this project and the customer's other boardroom is that, as mentioned above, this room needed new speakers, as well as new microphones. We installed two high-quality in-ceiling speakers in the drop ceiling and connected them to a new, more powerful amplifier to provide audio for the space. For the microphones, we added two table-mounted digital microphones, aimed and configured to provide high-quality room audio "pick-up." These were configured and connected to a digital sound processor with built-in teleconferencing and echo cancellation. We also went ahead a ran additional wiring, should the customer need more microphones in the future.

A Crestron control system was installed to work behind the scenes and control all the equipment, making the room easy to use. To actually run the room, we placed a 10" touchscreen on the table with a custom interface for controlling the functions of the room.

We added a 6" round table box to the table to provide a local HDMI connection to the video system. This cable was paired with a spring-loaded retractor that allows the cable to recess into the box when not in use, for a tidier look on the tabletop. The tabletop box also has 3 AC power outlets for added convenience if needed. Lastly in this space, we installed a battery backup in the equipment cabinet to provide protection against power outages or flickers.

  • Equipment:
    Biamp Fixed I/O Server

    Crestron Single-Channel Modular Power Amplifier, 50W, 70V

    Crestron 5-Port POE Switch

    Crestron DigitalMedia 8G+ 4K60 4:4:4 HDR Receiver and Room Controller 100

    Crestron Wall Plate 4K DigitalMedia 8G+ Transmitter 100

    Crestron 3-Series 4K DigitalMedia Presentation System 150

    Crestron 10.1" Surface Mount Touch Screen

    FSR 6" Table Box

    NEC 55" Ultra Narrow Bezel S-IPS 2x2 Video Wall Solution Bundle

    Shure Table Array Microphone with Shure Intellimix DSP Suite (2)

    Episode 400 Commercial Series 2x2 Tile Replacement Speaker, 70V/8 ohm Switch, 6.5 in Woofer, 1 in Tweeter

    WePresent Wireless Collaboration System

  • Location: Chattanooga
  • Completion: September 2020
  • Disciplines:
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