Tidy Signal Mountain Cinema Room

This home cinema room shows how a homeowner can have all of the trappings of a commercial theater but still maintain its coziness and status as a home cinema room.

In this space, we installed a 100" Dragonfly AcoustiWeave projection screen, which allowed us to save space on either side of the screen where speakers would typically go because the speakers are actually located behind the screen itself. What allows this to be possible is the nature of the screen's construction. There are small perforations in the screen so that it is acoustically transparent, but it is woven in a way that makes it visually opaque for the viewer.

This cinema room is just one room in a house that is controlled by a Control4 home automation system, so we chose that here as well to control the theatrical functions, as well as the room's lighting. This is done one of two ways: the handheld SR-260 remote control, or a Control4 dimmer panel on the wall at the entrance to the room.

For high-quality sound, the previously mentioned wall-mounted speakers instead sit behind the screen, but in addition to those, we added two subwoofers at the front of the room, and one at the rear, as well as four in-ceiling speakers, giving the room surround sound.

The customer achieved a movie theater quality experience through these A/V additions, as well as through tiered theater seating, but they didn't sacrifice the handsome look of the room that matches the aesthetic of the rest of the home.

  • Equipment:

    Sony 7.1 AV Receiver

    Sony Blu-Ray Player with Streaming Media

    SnapAV 100" Acoustiweave Projection Screen

    Projector Mount for JVC DLA HD-1

    DSP-3200 12" Subwoofer (2)

    Netgear NAS Digital Entertainer Elite Network Media Player

    Paradigm 5.5" In-Ceiling/In-Wall Speaker (4)

    Paradigm 8" Subwoofer

    Control4 Wireless Dimmer (3)

    Control4 Wireless 3-Button Keypad

    Control4 SR-250 Remote Control

  • Location: Chattanooga
  • Completion: February 2019
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