Stunning Dalton Home Theater

New construction jobs are always nice because we are able to do exactly what the customer wants without worrying about not being able to accomplish something they desire for the space. We worked on the full residence for this project, but I will focus on the rest of the house in another portfolio. The theater deserves its own walk through, as it was a big project in and of itself, and it has some great touches that I would like to detail.

Having said that, the equipment rack for this room is located elsewhere in the house, making for a very clean look within the theater space. The nice thing about this is twofold. The lighting effects and overall design of the space works better without a closet inside the theater, but also in the practical sense, when the customer needs to access any equipment in the rack, there's no disruption in the theater. This may seem minor, but a good theater is inherently dark. Imagine if people were coming in and out to check on the living room cable box or the router while you were entertaining in the theater. Suddenly the feeling of being at the movies, as it were, is completely ruined. 

So let's break down everything that makes this theater special. We did audio, video, LED lighting, and a fiber optic ceiling.

For video, we used a Sony 4K projector that we hung from the ceiling. That projects onto the acoustically transparent screen, so that no sound is blocked or muffled by the screen.

For audio, we installed a 7.2.4 Dolby Atmos-capable surround sound system using Episode speakers with a Yamaha amplifier and processor. There are also acoustic treatments on the walls to enhance the audio performance of the room.

On the ceiling, we placed an LED fiber optic star field ceiling, and customizable DMX lighting surrounds the star panels.

As far as controlling the theater, to stay consistent with the rest of the home we used a Control4 processor to run the theater, and that includes the marquis that hangs above the entry to the theater itself.

The end result of this project is a very modern theater that allows the customer to have the full movie-going experience in the comfort of his own home.

  • Equipment:

    Sony 4K Projector

    Episode Speakers

    Yamaha Amplifier

    Yamaha Processor

    Control4 Processor

    Control4 Remote Control

    DMX Lighting

  • Location: Chattanooga
  • Completion: October 2019
  • Disciplines:
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