Spacious Integrated Home

Some homes have unique features, but not many have their own indoor basketball court. This spacious and impressive home needed audio/video, automation, security, intercom, and networking. We also did the home's theater, which is featured in the portfolio titled, "Elegant Tiered Theater."

The home needed whole-home audio and video. For the audio, we used Sonos products throughout, paired with some Episode and Monitor in-ceiling and in-wall speakers at times. Content and volume produced by all the speakers are controlled by the Sonos app, that can be installed on a phone, tablet, or computer. Each Sonos "zone" can be played independently or grouped with other zones as desired.

For video, we installed a network-based 4K HDMI video distribution system to distribute six video sources to six separate video zones. The six sources include two cable boxes, a Blu-Ray player, security cameras, a Roku streaming device with built-in services such as Netflix, and the Control4 user interface. We installed Sony TVs throughout the home, ranging in size from 49" up to 75." All of the TVs are controlled with Control4 remote controls. We added power conditioning behind all of the TVs to provide a layer of protection against electrical damage for both the TVS and Sonos Playbars.

For security, we installed a large sysyem that included door contacts, glass break sensors, motion sensors, keypads, sirens, and a cell backup. The alarm system was then tied to the smoke detectors installed by an electrician. It can be controlled via the Control4 app, so it can be armed and disarmed remotely.

For networking, a full gigabit router and 48-port switch was installed in the equipment rack to provide a hardwired connection for all network equipment, home run network lines, and wireless access points. The size of the home required four hardwired connections, as well as eleven indoor WAPs, and three outdoor WAPs to provide stable coverage throughout the property.

Surveillance outside a large home seems obvious, but cameras inside the home can be incredibly practical, not just as a security feature, but also as a helpful addition for things like checking in on children in a playroom while making dinner in the kitchen or checking in on a room in your home while you are away. Here we installed an IP surveillance system that included a 16-camera NVR, five indoor cameras, four cameras at the pool house, and four cameras on the exterior of the house.

To automate the home, we installed a large Control4 processor. An additional access point was installed to allow for smooth communication between the remotes that are spread out across six rooms and the processor. The automation system controls video and sources in all rooms attached to the video distribution system. Control4 is designed so that if the homeowner wishes to integrate other functions, such as lighting, locks, or the thermostats, it is easy to do, as we were able to integrate the doorbell and alert the Control4 system when it chimes, sending a notification to the homeowner's phone.

We also installed an intercom system in eight of the rooms for easy inter-room communication, operated by a small keypad and speaker in each room.

With so much equipment needed for a project of this scope, we placed all of the equipment in a new steel rack on castors for easy maneuverability. This was placed in a mechanical room across from the home theater. We placed IP controlled battery backup and power conditioners in the rack, which allow us to monitor the power state remotely without needing to physically be present at the rack.

The end result of this project was a home that retained its aesthetic beauty but at the same time showcases an impressive array of technological advances and smart features.

  • Equipment:

    Episode 550 Series In-Ceiling Thin Bezel Speakers

    Sonos Connect Streaming Media Player

    Sonos Connect Amp Streaming Media Player (5)

    Sonos Playbar

    Sonos Port: Streaming Audio Player

    Sonos Playbase

    Sonos Wireless Subwoofer

    Sony 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray Players

    Sony 49" Bravia 4K UHD Smart TV (5)

    Sony 65" Bravia 4K UHD Smart TV (2)

    Sony 75" Bravia 4K UHD Smart TV

    Triad 12" Subwoofer

    Control4 EA-1 Automation Controllers

    Control4 SR-260 Remote Controls

    Control4 EA-5 Entertainment ad Automation Controller

    Monitor Large In-Wall Speaker with Dual 6.5" Bass Drivers and Twin 4" Mids

    Russound Intercom System

    Luma Surveillance Dome and Turret IP Outdoor Cameras

    Luma Surveillance 510-Series 16 Channel NVR with 2 TB Hard Drive

    Houselogix RS-232 DMX Engine

    Inter-M 120W Public Address Amplifier

    Just Add Power 3G 4K POE Receivers

    Just Add Power 3G 4K POE Transmitters

    Lab Gruppen Lucia 120 Watt x 2 2-16 Ohm Amplifier

    Luxul AMS-4424P 26Port/24 POE+ Compatible Gigabit Switch

    Monitor In-Ceiling Speakers

    Monitor In-Wall Speakers

    Niles 2-Way Ceiling Mount Performance Loudspeaker

    Wattbox IP+ 12-Controlled Outlet Rack Mount Power with Battery Backup

    Strong VersaBox Pro-14 in. x 14 in. with IP Controlled Power Conditioner

    Wattbox IP Power Conditioner with OvrC Home

    Wattbox 700 Series IP+ 12-Controlled Rack Outlet

    Ubiquiti Dual-Radio Long-Range Access Point

    Ubiquiti High Performance Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Access Points with UniFi Mesh Technology

    Ubiquiti UniFi 48-Port POE+ Gigabit Switch with 2 SFP + and 2 SFP Ports

    Ubiquiti UniFi Switch

    Ubiquiti UniFi Security Gateway

    Western Digital 4TB Surveillance Hard Drive

  • Location: Chattanooga
  • Completion: November 2021
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