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All of the projects we work on have deadlines. But the reason behind some deadlines are more interesting than others. When Cleveland, TN passed a new law allowing liquor stores to operate there, our customer knew he wanted to be the first one to open up a store. He was already a residential customer of ours, so getting the ball rolling quickly was easy, as we had already built his trust through our established relationship with him.

The primary focus of many businesses is the security of the storefront, but a liquor store is particularly vulnerable. The new law required ample surveillance be put into place prior to opening, so we needed to make sure that we had full coverage, with no lapses. We accomplished this with 18 Lilin cameras, a Lilin recorder, a DSC security alarm system, and PDK access control.

We also did networking for the business, using a Ubiquiti router, switch, and wireless access points.

Our customer also wanted audio and video. For video, we hung a Planar TV behind the register, as well as one at the front of the store that displays the CCTV footage, so that both customers as well as employees are aware of the surveillance. The Planar TVs are great because they are designed for continuous use, which they see 6 days a week.

For audio, we used a Control4 system that uses a touchscreen placed behind the register to control the music. We placed surface mount Episode speakers on the ceiling. The audio from the cable box can also be played over the speakers in case the staff wants to play audio from, say, a football game instead of streaming music.

Our customer has since let us know that his system is very user-friendly, even for his most technically challenged staff members, through the use of the Control4 app on both the touchscreen, as well as on his phone. You never want the tech that you install to be a challenge for those who use it everyday. We're happy we got to create a system for them that only enhances their work experience.

  • Equipment:

    Lilin Cameras

    Lilin Recorder

    DSC Security System

    PDK Access Control

    Ubiquiti Networking

    Episode Speakers

    Control4 Touchscreen

    Planar TVs

  • Location: Cleveland
  • Completion: October 2019
  • Disciplines:
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