Motorized Conference Room

This sleek conference room needed a few upgrades to update its capabilities and make it more user-friendly. The scope of the project included a new projection system, audio upgrades, a new equipment rack, and occupancy detection to make the room more energy efficient.

The biggest visible impact came from the new projection system. We were able to keep the client's existing ceiling projector lift to house the new Epson laser projector. We installed new wiring to the projector and a new HDMI receiver was added to provide video from the equipment closet. We were also able to reuse the customer's screen casing, so we put the new replacement shade that has a better 16:10 aspect ratio, into that casing and installed a new motor.

We installed new HDMI transmitters at the table to replace the existing VGA connections. BYOD, or "bring your own device" cables were added at the table to provide necessary adaptors for instances where someone might need to say, present from a laptop or other personal device. The adaptors include HDMI, mini DP, display port, and USB-C. A new 10" touchscreen was placed tabletop for audio and video control. We used the existing in-ceiling speakers in the room, as these didn't need an upgrade at this time. We did, however, replace the amplifier with a new 70V amp, and connected that to the speakers.

For many jobs, including this one, we needed to install a new equipment rack, which we built and tested at the office to minimize onsite time.

The final goal was to make the room more energy efficient. Upgrading to newer, better electronic equipment certainly helps achieve that, but we also added an occupancy sensor to detect room vacancy. When the room is vacant for a certain amount of time, the room, including the projector, shuts down to save power usage and reduce the strain on all of the electronic equipment.

  • Equipment:

    Crestron 4K60 4:4:4 w/HDR DigitalMedia 8G+ Receiver and Room Controller 100

    Crestron Wall Plate 4K DigitalMedia 8G+ Transmitter 100

    Crestron 3-Series 4K DigitalMedia Presentation System 150

    Crestron Dual-Technology Occupancy Sensor with Cresnet

    Crestron 10.1" Surface Mount Touch Screen

    Epson PowerLite L510U WUXGA 3LCD Laser Projector

    Netgear 5-Port with 4-PortPoE Gigabit Ethernet Switch

    Da Lite Replacement Roller Screen and Motor 109" Diagonal 16:10

    Snap AV 70V Digital Amplifier, 60W with IR & RS232

    Wattbox Uninterruptible Power Supply

    Sont 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player

  • Location: Chattanooga
  • Completion: November 2021
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