Golf Man Cave

We’ve worked on several man caves, basement conversions, and bonus room transformations, all with the intent of helping to create a custom space for a homeowner to feel like they have a unique, themed room. But this particular project stands out as truly unique, because of it’s primary focus: golf. Our customer wanted a space that centered around, and integrated with, his Trackman golf simulator.
To get started, we knew that we’d be using a Control4 system, as we had already used Control4 in both his residence and conference room at his business. So we put in a Control4 processor and utilized a Control4 touchscreen as well as remote to control the room. As far as the actual Trackman, we worked with a third party contractor who supplied and configured the simulator, but we then wired and integrated it with Control4.
The space itself is one large room, but it is divided into two sections, the golf simulator, and then a separate hang out space equipped with a kitchen, bath, and seating area. Because it’s not a large space, we didn’t need to overwhelm it with too many TVs. Instead there is one fixed Sony TV in the kitchen area, and one Sony TV on a motorized mount that articulates 90 degrees so that you can choose to either watch from the golf area or the seating area. There is one more screen that accompanies the Trackman, which we also put on an articulating mount.
As far as sound goes, we used a Sonos Connect Amplifier with Paradigm in-ceiling speakers.
Because this structure is on the customer’s property but not connected to the main house, a separate security system was put into place. We integrated a DSC alarm system with Control4 so that he could control it remotely, and it also controls the gate that leads to both the main house and man cave. We used wirepath cameras and recorder for added security.
One cool feature was that, due to limited space, the customer wanted easy access to the equipment rack, but he still wanted it to be hidden. There are no closets in the room, so the rack is on a custom built pull out shelf for access, but completely out of sight behind a cabinet door in the kitchen area.
Custom projects like these are great because they provide unique challenges that help us grow and use our creativity so that we can implement those ideas in future projects.
  • Equipment:

    Control4 Processor

    Control4 Touchscreen

    Control4 Remote Control

    Paradigm In-Ceiling Speakers

    Sonos Connect Amp

    Wirepath Cameras

    Wirepath NVR

    Sony Televisions

    Wattbox Power Conditioner

  • Location: Chattanooga
  • Completion: November 2019
  • Disciplines:
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