Miracle League Baseball Field

A local nonprofit approached us with a need for audio at their brand new inclusive baseball facility. As the facility is outdoors, we needed to make sure that the speakers we used were rated for all weather conditions. The project also included adding a microphone and some additional equipment.

For the speakers, we used two 5" FBT Shadow speakers that have an IP55 rating, which ensures that the speakers are protected from not only water from rainfall, but also from fine particulates like dust, which is certainly present at a baseball field. These were placed facing the stands. As you can see in the pictures, there are two speakers that face the field and have more exposure to the elements. For these, we went with FBT Shadow 108CT speakers, which also have water-stop grills with 3 additional layers of protection.

We then installed two Lab Gruppen amplifiers to power the four speakers, and we added a Behringer mixer to be able to provide high-quality sound through the speakers. The mixer allows users to connect a music source and control the volume and the mix of the audio in each set of speakers.

The facility also needed a microphone for the announcer's table, so we installed a Shure 522 microphone that has "push to talk" functionality so the announcer can easily address the fans and players. This microphone is perfect for this type of setting because it is designed to suppress background noise and reduce feedback.

Finally, we placed an equipment rack in the storage room to house the amplifier and mixer. We added a power conditioner with low voltage surge protection to the rack in order to protect all of the equipment.

  • Equipment:

    FBT Shadow 105T Speaker (2)

    FBT Shadow 108CT Speaker (2)

    Lab Gruppen E8:2 400W x 2 70V Amplifier

    Lab Gruppen E4:2 200W x 2 Amplifier

    Behringer 1204USB Mixer

    Shure 522 - Cardioid Base Station Dynamic Microphone

    Wattbox Rack Mount Power Conditioner

  • Location: Chattanooga
  • Completion: November 2018
  • Disciplines:
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