McKee Foods Video Wall

This custom video wall was an exciting project for us. The customer was already a commercial client of ours and they had a unique request.
In their new conference center, there’s a corridor that lines the perimeter of the building, with several conference rooms in the center of the floorplan. Staff uses this long hallway to exercise during breaks, but its primary use is that it’s where guests go to have conferences in the large meeting spaces. Because it sees so much traffic from both employees and visitors, the idea was to have it branded with company memorabilia. It’s basically walking through a timeline of the history of the organization, with physical memorabilia, plaques, and pictures. But they wanted the centerpiece to have a wow factor in the way of an eye-catching video wall.
For this special video wall, we used 10 46” NEC monitors on chief portrait mounts, evenly staggered to give it a unique, striking look for anyone that comes upon it. With 10 screens, the size of the overall presentation allows for the display of images, the company logo, as well as dynamic video through the use of 10 Brightsign digital signage players. The customer can create their own content and change it as frequently as they’d like.
There are remote controllable power conditioners behind the displays so electronics can be rebooted without having to remove any of the screens. The displays have schedules built in so they turn on and off automatically with business hours.
It certainly delivers as a conversation starter, and its placement at the end of the long corridor filled with milestones and achievements points to the company’s desire to be forward-thinking and technologically ahead of the curve.
  • Equipment:

    NEC Monitors
    Brightsign Digital Signage Players
    Wattbox Power Conditioners
    Chief Portrait Mounts

  • Location: Chattanooga
  • Completion: October 2019
  • Disciplines:
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