Keller Williams Conference Room

In this main conference room for a local real estate agency, we installed a 65" TV on an articulating mount and connected it to three sources: the employee facing digital signage, a wireless presentation system with HDMI passthrough, and a local computer installed behind the TV itself.

We installed a keypad that controls which input the TV is to use, as well as volume control.

We also placed a sensor that changes based on occupancy. When the room is in use, the TV switches to the presentation system. When the room is empty, the TV reverts back to the digital signage. It is also set to turn on and off at preset times, based on general building occupancy.

Everything in the room is designed to save time and energy, while increasing productivity.

  • Equipment:

    Crestron AirMedia Presentation System 200

    Crestron Cameo Express Keypad

    Crestron Dual-Technology Occupancy Sensor

    NEC 65" 4K UHD Display with Integrated ATSC/NTSC Tuner

  • Location: Chattanooga
  • Completion: November 2021
  • Disciplines:
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