Executive Video Wall Conference Room

This conference room upgrade involved both the room itself, as well as the lobby leading to the conference room. In the lobby, we didn't need to install any new equipment, but instead used the existing TV and connected it to a digital signage player that the customer supplied. We also reconfigured the existing touchscreen to display the company logo.

In the conference room, the centerpiece of the project was the 2 X 3 video wall that we installed. This consisted of 6 55" Narrow-Bezel monitors. The benefit of using multiple displays instead of just one large screen is that this setup allows for more collaboration. All of the screens can be viewed as one single, continuous image, but they can also be viewed in a collaboration layout, where each screen can use its own source to display something unique to that monitor. The screens don't have bezels around each monitor, but rather one large bezel around the entire perimeter to make the screen seamless when one single image is displayed.

We installed a wireless presentation system to allow users the ability to present to the displays wirelessly. We then installed a video conferencing codec, along with a camera above the video wall, to allow those physically in the room the ability to participate in video conferencing sessions. We modified the interface on the touchscreen to afford users the ability to place and control conference calls from the touchscreen.

We also added an occupancy sensor to the room that detects when the room is active and turns on lights and devices accordingly. Conversely, the room turns off when the room is empty.

Now, as noted in the lobby portion, many times on an upgrade, we can use some of the customer's existing equipment, as long as we are able to integrate it with the new equipment we are bringing in. Here, we were able to keep the existing lighting system, audio processor, tabletop microphones, and equipment rack. Lastly, we put in a new tablebox at the head of the table, which features gravity-fed retractable HDMI and USB-C cables, USB charging ports, power, and data. We also modified two of the existing side tabletop boxes to add mechanically retractable HDMI and USB-C cables for users to be able to connect and present to the video wall easily. The end result was a clean, easy to use, and more up-to-date conference room, with an emphasis on connectivity.

  • Equipment:

    Crestron Media Presentation System

    Crestron Single-Channel Modular Power Amplifier, 50W, 70V

    Crestron 3-Series Control System

    Crestron Dual-Technology Occupancy Sensor with Cresnet, 2000 Sq Ft

    Crestron 10.1" Touchscreen

    Lifesize Icon 600, 10X Optical PTZ Camera, Phone HD, Dual Display, 1080P

    NEC 55" Ultra-Narrow Bezel Professional-Grade Display (2)

    NEC 55" Ultra-Narrow Bezel S-IPS 2X2 LCD TileMatrix Digital Video Wall Solution Bundle

    Wattbox IP Power Conditioner with OVRC Home, 12 Controlled Outlets

  • Location: Chattanooga
  • Completion: September 2020
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