Chic Southside Condo

When our existing customer purchased a new condo, we knew it didn't need much, mostly just providing the usual residential amenities of audio, video, networking, and security. The neat thing about this project was that we had already worked on the condo next door for another client, and her space was the mirror image of his. This provided us with a little foresight into layout and any issues we might potentially run into during the installation. 

For video, we hung five TVs, all Sony Smart TVs, since our customer watches mostly streaming services. All were hung on fixed mounts, except the one in the living room. To save space, there is a recessed Versa Box behind the living room TV that houses all the equipment needed for that room, so that TV is on an articulating mount so that it can be pulled away whenever anyone needs access to the equipment.

The customer already had Sonos wireless speakers from a previous residence that he wanted to add throughout the home, so we complimented those with Sonos Playbars inside, zone recessed speakers outside, and a Sonos Connect Amp.

For networking, we placed a Ubiquiti router with WAPs throughout for coverage.

For security, we installed a 4 -Channel Analog camera system with Snap A/V HD dome cameras.

All in all, this was a very straightforward installation that didn't provide any unique challenges, and it gave our customer all the amenities and security he was looking for in his new home. 

  • Equipment:

    Televisions: Sony XBR-75X900E, Sony XBR-55X900E, and Sony XBR-55X800G

    Audio: Sonos 2.0 Zone Recessed Speakers, Sonos Playbars, and Sonos Connect Amp

    Networking: Ubiquiti Router and WAPs

    Power Conditioner: WattBox WB-200-CE-4

    Security: 4 Channel Analog Camera System with Snap A/V Dome Cameras

    Battery Backup: Tripplite SMART500RT1U

  • Location: Chattanooga
  • Completion: October 2019
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