Spare Bedroom Conversion

Some rooms lend themselves to straightforward theater conversions. Others are much more challenging. In the case of this particular room conversion, we initially had one of the worst possible layouts. The spare bedroom the customer presented us with had a sloped, uneven ceiling, and it was almost pentagonal in shape. The room also had an entire wall of windows. It was incredibly incompatible with the theater seating for six that the customer desired, and many configurations were attempted in the process of figuring out how to accomodate a large projection screen.

Once the layout was finalized, we decided to make a few adjustments to maximize space. We placed the equipment rack in an adjacent room and placed the two Paradigm subwoofers in custom cabinets. The rest of the speakers around the room are recessed into the walls, so those didn't need special accomodations.

The projector and screen are both THX Ultra-certified, and both went through THX video calibration. 

Now, many home theaters have an area within the theater with a refrigerator, perhaps a popcorn machine, or other amenities you might find in a traditional theater. One really neat feature of this theater is that, since there were space constraints, an area just off of the theater was designed for such a purpose where we placed a 26" Samsung television. If someone needs to step out for refreshments, the theater remains dark and quiet, but the person leaving the theater can continue to watch the movie on the TV and not miss a thing.

All in all, we were able to provide the stunning visuals and audio the customer requested, and we even managed to install a custom star-filled ceiling for added drama. What began as an awkward, challenging room turned into a Cedia-award winning theater for technical design. 

  • Equipment:

    Projector: Anthem LTX-500V 1080P LCoS Front Projector

    Screen: Stewart Filmscreen 130G3-92

    Speakers: SA-ADP (4), SA-LCR (3), SUB 12 Paradigm Studio Series 12 (2)

    Router: Linksys WRVS4400N

    Ethernet Switch: Linksys SD2008T-NA

    Touchscreen: Control4 Infinity Edge 7"

    Wireless Dimmers: Control4 C4-DIMI-Z-XX ZigBee Wireless Dimmers (4)

    Equipment Rack: Middle Atlantic, with Ultra Quiet Fan Panel

    Television: Samsung 26" UN26C4000

    HDMI Cables: AudioQuest HDMI Cables

    Extender: Binary B-200-1 CAT-HDIR HDMI Extender

  • Location: Chattanooga
  • Completion: November 2019
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