Project Showcase: Modern Home Theater

When a customer approaches us to do a project on a new construction, we get to really focus on the project itself with very little in the way of troubleshooting an existing room, or layout, or worry about things like retrofitting. 

For this particular home theater project, we worked with the customer throughout the construction of his house, and we utilized Google SketchUp to create renderings of what the final project would look like. As you can see from some of the pictures where we have put the sketch above the finished product, the result was incredibly faithful to the sketches, which aided in giving our customer increased confidence in our abilities. 

Because this was new construction, there were few surprises that we encountered, and we were able to achieve a few added aesthetic touches to make the room really clean and sleek. To help achieve that goal, we hid equipment anywhere we could. For instance, the Sony projector was concealed in a soffit to maintain that streamlined appearance.

The client had expressed the desire to really isolate the sound in the room. True sound mitigation can be incredibly expensive, so we worked with the builder to ensure they did what they could on their end to achieve sound isolation, and for our part, we placed acoustic treatments on the walls to reduce echo in the actual theater.

Hidden behind the two treatments that flank the projection screen are subwoofers and media storage. They are hinged for easy access. All of the acoustic treatments are surrounded by LED lighting that use DMX, so they are customizable to any color choice the customer wants. We also installed a fiber optic ceiling that pairs really nicely with the LEDs around the room. 

The entire house uses Control4 for automation, so a Control4 remote controls the theater as well. The double racks, which contain all of the home’s equipment, sit behind two glass doors in the theater for easy access. 

This theater is impressive and has a crisp, modern feel that deftly manages to never feel cold or uninviting. It’s really exciting when we can take someone’s vision for their home and help make it a reality. 


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Noah is the Director of Engineering & Sales at Smart Systems. He has been with the company since 2006. Noah lives in Chattanooga with his wife and two sons.

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