Product Review: Liberty Wire and Cable Classic HDMI Adapter Ring

With the rise of new technology in the corporate workplace, we sometimes find ourselves preparing for a presentation to realize we don’t have the right adapter to plug into our device. My colleague, Tommy, discussed this in a previous post, 7 Common Problems with Conference Room Technology, which you can read here.

Whether it’s a new laptop without a conventional HDMI output, or your mobile device, in general, having the right adapter is crucial. In a corporate environment, though, it’s even harder to manage due to many different people using communal meeting rooms. This gives rise to the concept of “Bring Your Own Device,” or BYOD, as it’s more commonly referred to. It is a growing trend that companies need to navigate, as employees use their own personal tech devices in workplace settings. Imagine a meeting of five people, in which each person brings his or her own phone, laptop or tablet. This scenario could potentially create some compatibility issues pretty quickly.

So what’s the solution?

Liberty Wire and Cable has a reliable and secure alternative that I find really interesting. With its patented Classic HDMI Adapter Ring, your most common adapters are always in the room and at your fingertips. Liberty offers pretty much every adapter you can think of. The ring attaches to your existing HDMI cable with security screws, so you can rest knowing your adapters aren’t going to wander off.

HDMI Adapter Ring

These adapters are well made, and seem to be pretty durable. Most of them are offered in both an adapter and 5″ adapter cable. They offer two for Apple products, Lighting and USB-C, which are Apple branded adapters. Since you can build these rings based solely on the adapters you need, price varies. But expect to pay somewhere in the $250-$300 region for the most common combinations.

Maybe they’re not for every business, but consider your devices and the amount of money you have already invested in individual adapters that have “disappeared” over time, and you may be surprised. Given the fact that the BYOD trend isn’t going anywhere, this option seems to me like it could make a really good long term investment for your business that will prove to be a real boon to your overall efficiency.

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