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Transparent OLEDs are emerging as a new and exciting technology. You might not have even seen one in person yet, but they are about to hit the market in a big way. These screens are completely transparent and emit light on their own. This allows displays to be interactive with on-screen elements as well as real-life objects placed behind the screen.

In this post, I’m going to briefly run through what OLEDs are, then turn to how transparent OLEDs are different, tell you where you can get a transparent OLED screen on the current market, and highlight what the potential uses for transparent OLED displays could be.

What Are Transparent OLEDs

First off, OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. These screens eliminate the need for backlights and bulky enclosures. OLED screens can also be touch-enabled and they can be flexible. They are lightweight and durable. Their flexibility also helps to reduce the potential for damage. What this does is it creates endless options to be interactive in many shapes and sizes.

We have seen these screen in smartphones, TVs, and lighting. Samsung and LG seem to be the leaders for OLED displays at the moment. For a deeper dive into OLED technology, and how it differs from LCD displays, you can check out my post here.

The newest subset of OLED screens is the transparent OLED.

Transparent OLEDs are OLED screens that have only transparent components. The millions of pixels that make up the screen emit their own individual light. Transparent OLEDs do not need a backlight to display images. When the display is turned on, it allows light to pass through in both directions.

This stunning new technology can be used to communicate content by a transparent surface. You can actually can see what is shown on the screen while still being able to see through to the other side. This allows designers and display makers a creative canvas to interact with viewers with on-screen elements and elements behind the screen. It offers new ways to communicate creatively with the audience.

Transparent OLED
Taken at InfoComm 2019

Where Can You Get Transparent OLEDs

Transparent OLEDs are still in the development stages. They are not available on the mainstream market yet, so finding and purchasing them can be hard.

There are a limited number of companies producing transparent OLEDs and their availability is hard to come by. The big tech companies we’re all familiar with are still looking into this technology and how best to apply it. Samsung and other phone developers are not producing phones with transparent OLEDs because there doesn’t seem to be a significant market who want and need this technology yet.

Another reason that transparent OLEDs are not mainstream yet is because of difficult manufacturing efforts. It’s difficult for manufacturers to produce OLEDs because OLEDs polymers are very sensitive to lasers that are used to cut the displays.

So currently, it is difficult to purchase non-custom transparent OLEDs.

However here are some companies that create custom displays. Their transparent OLEDs will be limited though.

MMT – MMT, a German company, has a couple of options of transparent OLEDs that include touchscreen capabilities.

Evoluce – Evoluce, another German company, has a 55” transparent OLED display.

Planar – Planar has locations worldwide and is producing a 55” transparent OLED display.

Pro Display – Pro Display, based in the United Kingdom, has many sizes and options for transparent OLED displays.

New Vision Display – New Vision Display, located in America, doesn’t sell transparent displays specifically but does say they have the transparent option for their OLED products.

What Can You Do With Transparent OLEDs

The potential of transparent OLEDs is limitless. Any device, surface, display or window has the potential to be a transparent OLED screen.

This is useful for businesses, events, conferences, shows, museums and any place that wants a cool, interactive display. A few places we might start to see transparent OLEDs popping up soon include:

  • Retail windows
  • Interactive booths
  • Display cases
  • Digital signage
  • Vending machines
  • Arcades
  • Interactive games
  • Bulletin boards

The uses and options for transparent OLED screens are endless. It’s going to be exciting to watch how people will use their creativity to bring this technology to life.

Another way transparent OLEDs can take their uniqueness to the next level is by combining touch screen technology. Transparent OLEDs mixed with touch screens can bring on a whole new level of interactivity. With the possibility to add flexibility to the mix, these screens have the potential to make great statements, innovating marketing tactics, and unique experiences.

Transparent OLED
Taken at InfoComm 2019

Keep Your Eye Out for Transparent OLEDs

Transparent OLEDs are very hard to come by since they are in the developing stages. But when they come to mass market, expect a change in the way information is presented in the world. As a creative way to create interactive experiences on all types of windows, surfaces, devices, and boards, this cool technology has endless possibilities in its usage.

Businesses can use transparent OLEDs in retail windows, in display cases, at trade shows, and for marketing. Events and conferences can use the technology for informational and educational purposes by making use of the touch features and getting creative with using elements behind the screen.

The possibilities for this technology are endless.

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